Patent and Trademark
We help innovators protect their technology and brand 
Patents and trademarks are a critical entry point to growing a valuable technology portfolio. We've helped innovators obtain and manage thousands of patents and trademarks on six continents. Our streamlined approach helps you obtain the right protection for your stage of development and deployment. We treat your IP assets as dynamic tools that functionally adapt as your business "pivots" and grows. 
Intellectual Property
We help align IP assets with business objectives
Combining legal, business, and engineering expertise allows our team to evaluate and analyze intellectual property portfolios in a way that statistical models and automated analytics are not yet capable of. Your IP strategy should be transparent and directly aligned with your business model objectives. We'll help you evaluate your business model, audit your IP portfolio,  and design and deploy a customized IP strategy.
Technology Ventures
​​​​​​​and Transactions
We are "general counsel" to executive teams and ventures
As experienced general counsel for technology ventures, we understand the scope of demands placed on an executive team. By operating in tandem with boards and management, we mitigate the risks and enhance the opportunities relevant to legal and business positions of your growing company. Our outsourced approach as your contracted "general counsel" provides a balanced blend of legal expertise and resource allocation.
Since 2000, GLOBAL INTELLECTUAL STRATEGIES® has been the premier brand for intellectual property management services and strategic consulting.

With our guidance, you can establish and deploy IP policies and procedures, define and implement patent and trademark strategies, and quantitatively align your portfolios with your business objectives.

We Empower Innovators
To Confidently Create, Cultivate, and Commercialize
Revolutionary Technologies
Through Uniquely Valuable Strategic Insight

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