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Integrated Legal Counsel™ is your Solution.
What is Integrated Legal Counsel™?

Integrated Legal Counsel™ is outsourced, in-house counsel.

At Intellectual Strategies® we integrate with your team and perform just like your team member. This allows us to be fully informed at all times and committed to your success. We want to help you make the best legal and business choices, as early as possible, to minimize costly mistakes. In essence, our Integrated Legal Counsel™ approach allows you to have access to General Counsel services at a fraction of the typical costs for hiring your own in-house attorney.

Choose Your Level of Service

What you get with
TEAM access:

- Unlimited Phone Consultations
- Legal Document Library
(templates, forms, guides, etc.)
- Preliminary Document Review
- Quarterly Discovery Audit
- Quarterly Legal Roadmap™
- Progress Reporting
- Professional Service Fee Discounts

Starts at $250/mo

What you get with
VENTURE access:

- All TEAM Access
- IP Portfolio Management
- Legal Roadmap™ Services Monthly Payment Plan
- Ad-hoc Legal Services Discounts
- Enhanced Progress Reporting

What you get with

- All VENTURE Access
- Regular On-Site Availability
- Entity Governance
- Investor Relations Management
- Cap Table Administration
- IP Strategy Consulting

Is it different from typical legal services?

Typical legal services are reactive to your needs. The normal way most attorneys are engaged is after the business team identifies a need or problem. By merely reacting to issues, businesses often incur unnecessary and unplanned costs and delays. Instead of operating reactively, our Integrated Legal Counsel™ engagements are set up to encourage proactive communications for preemptive issue spotting, so we can help you avoid problems altogether, or at least resolve them at the earliest stages.

What does it cost?

Because of our proactive approach, Integrated Legal Counsel™ engagements are typically less costly than reactive legal services or hiring an in-house attorney. The real differences are cost allocation, cost predictability, and team access. We work with you to establish a 12-month Legal Roadmap™ of services you expect you will need, and we establish a fixed monthly rate for those Legal Roadmap™ services. This makes the costs predictable for your finance team. We like predictability, too. That’s why we offer a 10% discount on all services included in the Legal Roadmap™. If you decide to add more service during the engagement, you can still do that on an ad-hoc basis with a 5% prepayment discount.

Derek Parry

Current General Counsel:

Jeff Holman

Current VP Legal:
Oscilla Power, Inc.

Former General Counsel
& Corporate Secretary

HZO, Inc.

David Fonda

Former Chief Legal Officer
& Patent Counsel

Ceramatec, Inc.

We are experienced in-house counsel.

Our attorneys have extensive experience on both sides of the legal spectrum. In addition to our experience at premier outside law firms, collectively we have spent decades employed in critical in-house roles including general counsel, patent counsel, chief legal officer, and corporate secretary for technology R&D and commercialization companies. We've helped companies raise hundreds of millions of dollars, access millions in government contracts and grants, optimize extensive patent and trademark portfolios, take responsibility for investment and investor management and board governance, and support various other business functions across several companies.

Setting up an Integrated Legal Counsel™ engagement is easy:
Discovery Meeting
You share your business model, objectives, and strategy
Legal Roadmap™
We provide a recommended timeline of anticipated legal services and costs for a Proposed Scope of Work
You tell us which legal services you want included in your Legal Roadmap™ (typically over the next 12 months)
Discounted Monthly Payments
Set up discounted  (10% off) monthly payments for your Legal Roadmap™ services (applies to professional fees)
General Legal Support 
You have access to us for all your general legal questions and status inquiries included in your Legal Roadmap™ services
Client Data Room
You get access to our standard templates, policies, and procedures (included at no additional cost)
Progress Reports
We provide regular reporting to you about your progress on your Legal Roadmap™
Dedicated Team
You work with a dedicated attorney and staff to be your primary contacts. They will take primary responsibility for fulfillment of all legal services.
Expanded Legal Team
You have access to a variety of legal services from our entire legal team of corporate and IP attorneys and staff.

* During our engagement, you can engage additional legal services at our Integrated Legal Counsel™ Rate (5% prepayment discount).
** We can operate with a company-issued email address and phone number, and at certain levels of engagement we can work “on location” with your team.

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