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Are you ready to align your
IP Strategy and Business Strategy?

Learn a structured framework for leading executive discussions, decision-making, and IP performance analysis

- Evaluate your Business Strategy Profiles -
- Establish and Deploy IP Assessment Framework -
- Use IP SCR™ Factors to assess IP Assets and Portfolios -
- Learn Visual Data Performance Reporting -
- Set up Dynamic Asset Tracking -

London, England

Munich, Germany

San Jose, California

Melbourne, Australia


Hong Kong


Who Should Attend...

Intellectual Property sits at the cross-section of business, law, and technology. 

IP Strategy activates the combined power of business, law, and technology for profit, value, and sustainable competitive advantage.  

    This is a hands-on workshop for strategic attorneys, executives, and technologists who want to understand how to assess and build an Intellectual Property Portfolio that aligns with their Business Strategy Profile.

    This is for action-oriented professionals who recognize the unique contribution of IP assets and rights to enterprise value--those who want to optimize the balance between portfolio valuation and costs of acquisition and maintenance.

    Who should not attend...

    This is not for participants who are looking for:

    • a substantive case law conference for attorneys
    • a hype business conference for executives
    • a low-level technology conference for engineers

    Participants who attend should be ready to discuss and take action on their business strategy, IP strategy, and alignment of these for performance optimization spanning business, law, and technology.

    About Us
    Primary Contact
    Jeff Holman
    Innovation Strategy
    Technology Ventures
    Intellectual Property
    General Counsel
    Our team of expert attorneys and staff have helped thousands of innovators navigate the complex worlds of startups, corporations, investors, and intellectual property. Our experience working in private practice and as in-house counsel for privately funded technology ventures gives us broad perspective to understand and serve your legal and business needs.

    Jeff Holman draws from a broad background that spans law, engineering, and business. Mr. Holman earned his bachelor of science in electrical engineering and juris doctor (JD) from the University of Utah and a master in business administration (MBA) from Brigham Young University. He has practiced patent and intellectual property law in Silicon Valley, built and managed a law firm focused on IP transactions, helped "Shark Tank" inventors with legal and business strategy, and served as general counsel for the leading innovator for consumer electronics waterproofing technology--where he managed engagements with top-brand customers, provided key legal oversight for equity and debt funding, and oversaw global IP strategy.

    With our guidance, you can make wise business decisions, guide investors and board members through complex transactions, establish and deploy IP policies and procedures, define and implement innovation strategies, and quantitatively align your portfolios with your business objectives.

    INTELLECTUAL STRATEGIES® and GLOBAL INTELLECTUAL STRATEGIES® are premier brands for strategic consulting and intellectual property management services.
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