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Does your IP Strategy Align with your Business Strategy?

We take a functional view of IP Strategy and its alignment with Business Strategy. Fundamentally, IP assets should support the applicable Business Strategy for which it is deployed. This is easy to envision and very difficult to implement. 

Many highly-experienced patent experts work off of the understanding that patents are inherent competitive advantages, so getting a patent presumably advances the competitive advantage of the business. In the absence of guiding information from their clients, these experts efficiently navigate the patent process, usually with some general guiding philosophy such as: get patents quickly, minimize patent costs, get broad claims, create massive families of continuations, maximize procedural delays, or other one-size-fits-most philosophies.  

Unfortunately, simple philosophies have a proven track record resulting in very small percentages of "productive" patents. We understand the drivers that have created these standard patent processes. However, it's time to bring productive patents and IP performance into the spotlight. 

Our approach: 

  • Creates a common framework for analyzing segmented business strategies and unique competitive advantages
  • Develops a customized ranking and tracking system for asset and functional granularity and independence for time-based coherency  
  • Deploys a proprietary software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for IP Strategy Performance management across business divisions  
  • Utilizes proprietary data aggregation and visualization to maximize IP performance comprehension through an organization's various stakeholders 
IP Strategy Consulting and Thought Leadership
  • We collaborate with high-growth, innovative technology companies to develop and deploy the highest quality strategy processes and tools
  • We help our partners to align valuable IP portfolios with dynamic business strategies
  • We empower executives and stakeholders to ensure their IP assets are optimized for their revenue model and business objectives
IP Strategy Performance Reporting

Patent and IP Strategy gets above the noise of "prep and pros" tactics. We look at the alignment of IP assets with the business objectives and revenue model to assess a proprietary quantitative IP Strategic Contribution Rating (IP SCR™ or "IP Score") based on only the most relevant factors for your unique business strategy profile. 

Data Visualization

We curate relevant data points from multiple team members and translate that data into informative dashboards that allow executive management, board members, major investors, and other stakeholders to readily understand:

  1. How aligned individual assets and portfolios align with applicable business strategies
  2. Gap analysis for specific assets and portfolios to identify and capture additional IP rights
IP Strategy is the New IP™
Business Strategy Profile Assessments
Executives,, directors, and management rely on our rigorous framework--focused on revenue models and competitive advantages--to assess and articulate coherent business strategies that can be communicated throughout a division or  organization. 
IP Strategy Profile Development 
Technology teams engage us to develop insightful IP Strategy Profiles that account for massive variability within an organization, while equipping the teams for standardized portfolio management over time and throughout workforce generations.
Investor Relations and Pitch Performance
Founders, CFOs, and CEOs love our simplified approach to communicating comprehensive IP asset and portfolio data performance for investor pitches, due diligence, and board and stakeholder reporting.
Competitive Advantage Alignment
We combine tested academics with practical, institutional wisdom to help organizations bridge the competitive advantage gap between business strategies portfolio management. 
IP Strategy Deployment
We equip in-house legal counsel and IP portfolio managers with tools, policies, procedures, and underlying knowledge to deploy sophisticated IP strategies and manage those strategies over time. 
"Integrated" IP Counsel
With experience working as both outside legal counsel and in-house legal counsel with a variety of IP owners, we are able (and prefer) to align our incentives with your success and operate as an integrated member of your team.
Technology and Innovation Training
We provide dozens of workshops and training materials to empower technologist and innovators, and their managers, with the knowledge and tools to carry as much of the responsibility as the team deems appropriate, while helping to fill any gaps during ramp-up stages.
IP Policies and Procedures
Our clients benefit from plug-and-play IP policies and procedures, an IP handbook, and a library of customizable templates, that reduce the cost and time requirements to onboard a comprehensive IP and IP Strategy program.
Outside Counsel Management
We operate as outside legal counsel to assist your team with flexible, on-demand, high-quality legal counsel for a variety of acquisition, transaction, portfolio management, and other administrative  functions. 

Competitive Intelligence
Our core internal strategic alignment functions are supplemented with competitive landscaping, analysis, and intelligence covering industries and competitors relevant to specific business units, divisions, partnerships, or strategic initiatives.
IP Financials & Valuation
CFO and controllers request our assistance with costing, budgeting, forecasting, tracking, revenue recognition, and evaluating financial transactions related to the provision of legal services and/or IP-centric transactions. We do not provide tax advice. 
Transaction Due Diligence
Having led and managed due diligence efforts for mergers, acquisitions, debt and equity financing, and government contracts, we provide detailed support for obtaining, managing, and communicating critical IP data with third parties. 

*Services that include legal review, advice, or other counsel require a separate legal services engagement subject to applicable terms and conditions.
**We do not provide tax, financial, or investment advice.

Primary Contact
Jeff Holman
Innovation Strategy
Technology Ventures
Intellectual Property
General Counsel
Our team of expert attorneys and staff have helped thousands of innovators navigate the complex worlds of startups, corporations, investors, and intellectual property. Our experience working in private practice and as in-house counsel for privately funded technology ventures gives us broad perspective to understand and serve your legal and business needs.

Jeff Holman draws from a broad background that spans law, engineering, and business. Mr. Holman earned his bachelor of science in electrical engineering and juris doctor (JD) from the University of Utah and a master in business administration (MBA) from Brigham Young University. He has practiced patent and intellectual property law in Silicon Valley, built and managed a law firm focused on IP transactions, helped "Shark Tank" inventors with legal and business strategy, and served as general counsel for the leading innovator for consumer electronics waterproofing technology--where he managed engagements with top-brand customers, provided key legal oversight for equity and debt funding, and oversaw global IP strategy.

With our guidance, you can make wise business decisions, guide investors and board members through complex transactions, establish and deploy IP policies and procedures, define and implement innovation strategies, and quantitatively align your portfolios with your business objectives.

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