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Four Ways to Avoid Losing Ownership of your Government-Funded Inventions and Patents
(and how to fix it if you already have!)

Learn about government regulations that impact inventions made by your company using money awarded under government funding agreements, including:

- Internal invention submission requirements
- Invention reporting requirements
- Electing title to inventions
- Filing patents to protect your inventions
- What license rights the Government maintains in your inventions
- The severe penalty for non-compliance with certain requirement
- Fixing issues of non-compliance
- Best practices to avoid non-compliance penalties

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June 3, 2020
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About Us
Our team of expert attorneys and staff have helped thousands of innovators navigate the complex worlds of startups, corporations, investors, and intellectual property. Our experience working in private practice and as in-house counsel for privately funded technology ventures gives us broad perspective to understand and serve your legal and business needs.

INTELLECTUAL STRATEGIES® and GLOBAL INTELLECTUAL STRATEGIES® are premier brands for strategic consulting and intellectual property management services.

With our guidance, you can make wise business decisions, guide investors and board members through complex transactions, establish and deploy IP policies and procedures, define and implement innovation strategies, and quantitatively align your portfolios with your business objectives.
Primary Contact
David Fonda
Technology Venture
Intellectual Property
Patent Counsel
Former Patent Counsel: Ceramatec, Inc.

Technical Expertise:
Materials Science

Chemical Engineering
Alternative Energy
Government Funding
Medical Devices
Energy Storage
David Fonda graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Mathematics.  After programming cryptography algorithms for the National Security Agency for a couple of years, he went to law school at Gonzaga University School of Law, where he was elected Editor-in-Chief of the Gonzaga Law Review.

David is a licensed patent attorney who practiced with IP law firms for 12 years before becoming in-house patent counsel and chief legal officer for Ceramatec, Inc., a research and development company specializing in advanced material science.  David spent 10 years at Ceramatec and was in charge of all legal matters, including drafting and negotiating technology deals, managing Ceramatec’s large patent portfolio, and compliance with the government funding provisions for over one hundred million dollars of government grant awards.

David has experience negotiating with lead counsel for government agencies such as the Department of Energy and has a successful track record in assuring company ownership of government-funded IP prior to the sale of the company and/or its technology.  After helping with the sale of Ceramatec to a multi-national heavy oil upgrading company, David started R&D Legal Solutions which specialized in helping R&D companies with their legal needs.

David is currently partnered with Intellectual Strategies, a law firm and patent strategy specialist catering to the needs of startup companies.
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